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So you wanna be a NuGrad Brand Ambassador, huh? You think you got what it takes?! Lets jump in and see!
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We utilize these questions to learn about how awesome you are and find out about your hopes and dreams! Also, we wanna know what about NuGrad gets you excited.

Sounds pretty great right?! Just be yourself answering these questions, creativity is pretty cool when you let it be. We will reach out after you apply!

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In DisneyLand they only care about your first name
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What makes you tick? What are your goals, if you deep think like that?
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Where do you go, what do you do there, what do you wanna do there, when will you graduate?
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Want to change the world, or boost your resume, whatever works as long as you are passionate about the problem!
Ask us a question, we love questions..

Literally whatever you want. Ready, set, go!
Thank you for your responses, your answers will be reviewed shortly by actual humans, not robots, because that's how much we care.  Be sure to follow us on our social media pages, because we do a lot of cool stuff.

Soon, you will receive an email with some more information on how we will proceed! If you have any questions contact brett@nugrad.io! 

Cheers (:
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